Saturday, October 23, 2021

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Palisades Presidents' Roles 2020-2021 - Who Should I Ask?



Amy Glascott

  • Any personnel concerns
  • Immediate concerns at PALMS and elementary level
  • All leaves from work
  • Grad course selection and PGO
  • Column movement
  • Assistance to new teachers



Mark Chilton

  • Any personnel concerns
  • Immediate concerns at PHS
  • Assistance to building reps in solving building level concerns
  • Assistance with Principal’s Advisory meetings
  • Superintendent’s Advisory Chair
  • Negotiation Team Member


1st Vice President

Dave Hinkle

  • Any personnel concerns
  • Immediate concerns at PALMS
  • All contract questions
  • Grievance officer
  • Grad course denials
  • Negotiations Team Member
  • Cyber Committee 
  • Cyber MOUs


2nd Vice President

Pam Flesher

  • PR Advertisements/flyers/posters
  • Cards for birth, sympathy, wedding, hospitalization, retirement
  • PCF 5K, American Education Week and National Teacher’s Appreciation Day Coordinator
  • Retirement committee


Palisades Extension: 1121

3rd Vice President

Jeremy Wolf

  •  Legislative Committee Chair
  •  Political action/BAC
  •  PACE


Health Care Trustee

Dennis Gluck

  • Health Care Committee Chair
  • Heath Insurance
  • Wellness Committee


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